Saturday, April 18, 2015

Announcing the publication of Roddenberry: The Man who Created Star Trek

“The eminent Star Trek reference book author .” —Star Trek Expanded Universe Wiki

Gene Roddenberry was both a very human man and a cosmic visionary. Hardheaded, single-minded, a good friend and a bitter enemy, Roddenberry was a creative genius who pursued his dreams single-mindedly. A man who envisioned a future where humankind had outgrown war, he often fought unnecessary battles in his own life. Though his every project was a failure (Star Trek was cancelled after only three seasons), he created the single biggest phenomena in media history and gave the 20th century one of its most universal myths.

Roddenberry is the story of an almost larger-than-life man whose flaws were as  outsized as his virtues.  Even actors he made world-famous stars and millionaires spoke of him with mixed feelings. Final redemption came with the rebirth of Star Trek on the movie screen and launching of a new Star Trek television hit, The Next Generation.

In Roddenberry: The Man Who Created Star Trek journalist James Van Hise reveals Roddenberry's career as never before, in both its triumphs and failures. More importantly, it tells the story of the man behind the public figure.

Also features:

Episodes to guides to all shows he wrote or produced.

Roddenberry’s original Star Trek proposal sold Paramount and CBS trying Star Trek.
Roddenberry’s original press release announcing the Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Illustrated, with a bonus gallery of images.

Other bonus features.

“James Van Hise … takes readers … behind-the-scenes … a useful reference guide for writers and Star Trek fans.” —Trekdom 

Out now for Kindle - borrow for Kindle Unlimited, own for $6.99. Click here

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